What To Do If Friends Offer Drugs

Peer Pressure

Everyone has heard of peer pressure. It’s when your friends pressure you to do something you might not want to do otherwise. You might even say no a few times. They push and push until you agree.

It’s not always as sinister as all that though. It might not be about cigarettes or alcohol. You could really want pizza, and they all decide Chinese is the way. You want to go home and order a pizza, and they pressure you to get Chinese instead.

Their decision overrides yours even though you wanted to do something else. It can be the same way with drugs. You might say no a few times, but they’ll try and win you over. They’ll push and egg you on.

Sometimes they might even try to shame you. Tell you everyone is doing it and you’re just embarrassing. That can often push someone to try something they otherwise wouldn’t. It’s important to know where you stand.

If they’re going to make you feel bad for not wanting to do something they’re probably not really your friend.

What To Do

You might be in a situation where it’s uncomfortable to say no. Someone might get aggressive. They may accuse you of thinking you’re better than them. You know you’re not. Maybe wiser, or maybe you just know what’s not for you.

If that is the case and you worry about their reaction just try and laugh it off. Be like, “Nah. I’m alright.” Then change the subject. Ask them about their hair, their clothes, or that friend they always like complaining about.

The best way to take attention off of you and your response is to get them to talk about themselves. People love talking about themselves. You could also offer to do something else like watch T.V. or play video games. Distraction is key.

Saying no is important because trying drugs once can lead to addiction. If you start to feel safe and comfortable using drugs you can end up in a bad situation.

If you think your friends might be in an unhealthy situation make sure you tell someone about it.  Adolescent brains are still developing, and drugs can harm that growth. Tell a trusted adult if you think they’re using drugs.

Overall, use your best judgment. If a friend is offering you drugs, they might not be a friend at all. Or they might need help. Remember that you always have a choice and no one really can blame you for your decisions.

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