Is Smoking Still Cool?

Smoking Onscreen

Smoking has always been considered cool, in imagery at least. The puff of white smoke under city lights is both sexy and mysterious. Even though people know smoking is bad for them this type of presentation is still very real in media.

Even when people don’t smoke, they vape. Vaping is the use of e-liquids usually infused with nicotine in an electronic cigarette. They can produce large clouds of vapor. These supposedly look cool.

In T.V. and movies, scenes and storylines have gotten more real. There are more sex and violence and also more smoking. Characters are often seen casually smoking. If they’re meant to be cool and brooding they smoke.

Social smoking is also a past time. Some people say that they only smoke when they’re out at the bar drinking or with friends. They do it as a way to pass the time or fit a specific image. Just because they don’t smoke all the time doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous.


There are severe restrictions on tobacco advertisements. This means they aren’t allowed to be advertised at all in ads on the television. They also cannot have product placement in T.V. and movies.

Tobacco advertisement is basically at a standstill. Their only opportunity is to advertise in the store. The tobacco industry spends more than a million dollars an hour to market in retail.

Seventy-nine percent of shows that are the most watched by the age group of 15 to 24 have characters who drink and smoke. They drink and smoke recreationally.  It is shown so casually many people that age do as well.

T.V. and movies that have people smoking in them are actually higher than the tobacco users in the U.S. That’s crazy. That’s because smoking is seen as cool and a character trait in pop culture.

Pop Culture

Now that television is available online it is being made and watched in different ways. This means many shows are made to be watched quickly. People love to binge watch shows. Binging is when they watch all the episodes available as fast as possible.

This can have people really fall in love with a show and relate to it. They may admire it. That means they admire and relate to characters, many of which smoke. They may smoke because of this because they think it makes them look edgy or cool.

So sadly, yes, smoking is still considered cool. At least on television.