How To Safely Treat Anxiety In Teens

How To Safely Treat Anxiety In Teens

Anxiety is not something unusual for both teens and adults. Anxiety is common because everyone feels stress and worry at some point. Of course, anxiety can become a real problem when it starts to take over your life and keep you from living it well.

You obviously will want to help your teen if anxiety is causing problems in their life. You may also wonder if medications can be safe for teens. That’s a common concern, so let’s look a bit into it.

Anxiety Medications In Treatment Of Teens

Anxiety medication for children is not abnormal at all. SSRIs, or Selective Serotonin Rebuke Inhibitors, are the most commonly prescribed drugs for anxiety for teens. Some of those drugs include Prozac, Lexapro, Celexa, and Zoloft.

This medication is meant to help increase serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is meant to help bring chemicals across the brain. If you use SSRIs it can help make it so that serotonin has more space to move around.

Another drug that affects neurotransmitters is SNRIs, or Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors. Those help with serotonin and norepinephrine when it comes to the brain.

Some Common Side Effects

SSRI side effects can range depending on the person taking them of course. Some lucky teens don’t even feel any side effects from the use of these drugs. If some side effects are felt, then they usually fade after a short while.

These side effects include:

–    Dry mouth

–    Nausea

–    Dizziness

–    Excessive sweating

–    Headache

–    Loss of appetite

–    Tiredness

–    Constipation

–    Insomnia

–    Changes in sexual function

Side effects that don’t go away definitely need to be mentioned. If they get serious the medications your teen takes may need to be changed to help get rid of them.

FDA Warnings

The warnings are pretty clear that many drugs used to treat anxiety in teens, like SSRIs, can actually increase depression and suicidal thoughts. That’s why you should always watch your child closely for any signs of this.

There are black box warnings on these types of drugs to make sure everyone who takes them sees that and notices them. That’s the most important class of warning on prescription drugs. So yes choosing these for your children can be dangerous if they are not monitored closely enough.

When To Get Help For Anxiety

When it comes down to it, there is more than just one type of anxiety to be experienced. There is generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, separation anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

Post traumatic stress disorder symptoms can be especially hard to deal with for children and teens, so they almost always require proper treatment.

Anxiety can easily control someone’s entire life. They can feel socially that everyone is staring at them and it can keep them from wanting to go out. They might have trauma and flashbacks to it in simple situations, so they want to avoid leaving as well.

Treatment is important to help them turn into functioning adults.