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How Can You Help an Addicted Friend?

Those who know someone suffering from an addiction constantly wonders, “how to help an addict?” They keep on asking “how to help a drug addict?” because they care about their loved ones, and want to help them get better.

It’s never easy to find appropriate drug addiction help for someone you care about and someone who is suffering from an addiction. However, it is proven that addicts have a better opportunity to conquer their problems with the support of their friends and family. Here are some things that you need to do and avoid for helping someone up.

Offering someone help with drug addiction is a noble thing to do. However, you also have to understand that it is a hard thing to do, as well. You have to familiarize yourself with a long list of Dos and Don’ts. Moreover, you will also have to familiarize yourself with the best possible way to persuade a loved one to seek professional help.

Dos and Don’ts When Helping an Addicted Friend


Focus on building trust

When offering addiction help to your friends and family, you need to focus on building trust before you lend them a hand. This makes the bond stronger, and they trust you easily. A sense of trust will make them accept your help and make them want to get better.

Be Honest

Instead of lying to them and tricking your loved ones into accepting your help, be open and honest with them. One of the most important rules of “how to help someone with drug addiction and depression?” is openness and honesty.

Respect Privacy

Even after you have lent them a helping hand, offer them privacy, and respect their boundaries. Another important element of offering drug addiction help for family members or friends is respecting the privacy of the addict, and giving them enough space to be themselves.


Don’t Threaten

Threatening an addict often worsens the situation. The most important don’t of “how to help someone with drug addiction?” is to remember never to threaten them with anything. They may feel repulsed by you, and may not accept your help even in the future.

Don’t Criticize

Another important don’t for “how to help someone who doesn’t want help?” is to remember never to criticize them for their life choices. Be patient, be kind, and offer them unbiased help without judging their addiction.

Don’t Expect immediate change

If you want to know “how to help someone with addiction?” then you have to remember never to expect change within the first few weeks or even the first two months. It takes time to get rid of an addiction, so you have to be patient with them.

Step by Step Guide to Persuade a Friend to Seek Professional Help

Establish Trust

That can be challenging to do if the trust has already been compromised by the addict. Setting trust in all directions is a crucial first phase in making an addict learn about change. Trust is quickly eroded, particularly when you want to help an addict. Establishing trust is an important step to help for families of addicts.

Make Peace with Yourself First

It is also difficult and quite stressful to be in a friendship with someone who has an addiction. It is a significant move in healing your loved one as well as yourself to acknowledge that you are going through depression and need support with it. Making peace with yourself is the second step in persuading a friend to seek professional help for addiction.

Open Communication

While you may feel compelled to let your loved one realize that their addiction is an issue, and they need to get drug abuse help, it should always be their decision. When you connect in an open manner, but in a manner that will not annoy your friend, they are far more likely to be open to talk about getting help with drugs addiction.

Getting The Treatment

The recovery method can change based on the underlying conditions of the addiction. If you want to offer help with drug addicts, you need to understand that the treatment process may vary from person to person. You have to respect their privacy and choices when it comes to choosing the right treatment method for getting help with addiction.

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