About us

Healthy Youth Of Virginia

The Healthy Youth of Virginia is here to help adolescents with addiction. We want to assist them in leading a healthy lifestyle.

There are not a lot of organizations specifically focused on the youth of Virginia. That’s why we decided to crop up. It was definitely high time that someone offered help that is desperately needed.

Drug addiction doesn’t always fit the run of the mill stereotype. It’s not necessarily homeless adults or even adults at all. Drug addiction can strike any person at any age.

What We Do

Our number one duty is to inform. It’s crazy to think of how many people don’t know enough about drug use to recognize it. Kids don’t realize what they’re getting into. Often they’re too ashamed to ask for help.

We know that this can take its toll on families. We want to help everyone find what they need. May it be a treatment center that insurance covers or information on drugs to recognize symptoms.

What we do is provide a space for information for parents and kids. We believe it is our priority to make sure everyone has somewhere to reach out. It can be hard for everyone when a young one has a drug addiction.

A lot of kids have varying views on drug addiction. They might not understand what constitutes a drug. They might not understand that just because their friend offers it doesn’t mean it is okay.

This is why it’s important for parents to know what to say to their kids. They need to be able to explain and inform them properly. They need to be able to see the signs of addiction in their children.

We are here to inform and assist. We want to make sure everyone knows what they’re up against.