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Our number one duty is to inform. It’s crazy to think of how many people don’t know enough about drug use to recognize it. Kids don’t realize what they’re getting into. Often they’re too ashamed to ask for help.

We know that this can take its toll on families. We want to help everyone find what they need. May it be a treatment center that insurance covers or information on drugs to recognize symptoms.


We are here to inform and assist. We want to make sure everyone knows what they’re up against.

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What we do is provide a space for information for parents and kids. We believe it is our priority to make sure everyone has somewhere to reach out.

Insurance & Assistance

The price of getting treatment shouldn’t stop people who have addiction from trying. You need to reach out and try and find a way.

How to Safely Manage Medicine At Home

The growing opioid epidemic is no joke. It is one of the top killers of people in America. Why is that? Generally, because of easy access.

Insurance and Assistance

This is often because they associate high costs with rehab or treatment centers. This isn’t always the case. Yes, there will always be luxury rehab centers marketed toward the rich, but there are plenty of other options.

Cost shouldn’t stand in the way of someone getting the help that they need.

  • Whether or not it is a luxury rehab center.
  • What your diagnosis is and whether you need extra care.
  • What type of program it is. Such as hospital, government funded, or privately owned.
  • Whether the patient gets inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Treatment prices change depending on what is needed. Insurance usually covers specific things, so it is essential to make sure it covers what you need.

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